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belt conveyor System

Systira Engineering Systems offers Customized Belt Conveyors for any configuration of Feed and Discharge conditions. The Conveyors can be on any Length, Power and Speed either elevated above the ground or underground.The conveyors can be designed with or without gantries or galleries.


Standard belt widths available are 400mm , 500mm, 650mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800, 2000mm as per lS4776(Part-1)- 1 977.Howeve*- belt with intermediate and higher widths can also be supplied


Various type of Supporting Structure are offered depending upon the situation of the conveyor starting from simple stringer with short supports to the more complex conveyor gallery with walk ways on one or both side with sheet cladding. All structures are designed for high strength to weight ratio and also for minimum deections and vibrations


Standard Drive unit consists of a TFEC squirrel cage motor coupled to a helical or worm type gear reducer. Standard and specially designed trtppers are used for discharge or distribution of materials from the belt at one or more points over the length of the conveyor. Auxiliary Equipments such as trippers receive utmost attention as these increases the usefulness of a conveyor systerm.


Electrical safety devices of superior quality and proven performance are used such as pull cord switches, belt swat switches and zero speed monitors, These devices are heavy duty performers and are thoroughly tested. Integral hold back in gear box or brakes is also provided ri inclined conveyor.

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